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Three Way Splitter Pedal with Isolated Outputs

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Each pedal is built to order, normal build time is 7-10 days.
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Need some patch cables for your Splitter Pedal? Click here!

This is a Three Way Splitter Pedal which lets you send your input to any combination of the three outputs.

The pedal comes with the added benefits of being active and having the second and third outputs going via isolation transformers.  As the pedal is active there will be no signal loss when the input signal is split to the outputs, and having the isolated outputs ensures there will be no ground hum issues.  There are also phase switches that reverses the phase of its output in case there are any phase issues when using multiple amps, plus a ground lift switches are also included.

The pedal is powered via the 9v Boss style 2.1mm DC socket (centre negative).

By default the pedal comes unpainted with a clear label, in the options above you can select for the pedal to be powder coat painted black for an additional £5.00.  Please note that if you select for the pedal to be painted then it will not be labelled.

The pedal is built with:

  • Hammond aluminium enclosure
  • Neutrik jack sockets
  • DPDT heavy duty foot switches
  • Status LEDs
  • 2.1mm 9v DC Socket
  • Point to point wiring
  • Velcro to stick it to your pedalboard

Enclosure dimensions:


2 years, please see Terms & Conditions for further information.