5 Switch BX Looper

Each pedal is built to order, normal build time is 7 to 10 days.
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Please note this is not a phrase or sample looper pedal where you can record your guitar and then play over the loops, more info here.

Design your own true bypass looper!

Each footswitch is numbered (see layout above) so you can choose how you would like that switch to function, just select the switch’s function from the drop down list and then the LED colour.

The sockets on the rear of the looper are in two rows with the top row being send sockets and the bottom row being the return sockets.

Here are the full options available.

Label Colour

By default, the pedal comes unpainted with a black label, you can have a coloured label for an additional £2.

Examples of our label colours can been seen here.  Please note that if a enclosure colour is not listed then it is not available for this pedal.

Input socket

We can fit the input socket on either the rear or the right side of the looper, so go for the option that would suit your pedal board layout best.

Input buffer (+£10)

Add a buffer straight after the looper’s input, if you needed the buffer placed later in the looper (to avoid wahs and fuzzes for instance) then add a note during checkout to say which two loops you would like it placed between.

Switch function

  • True Bypass Loop - Select Loop for a true bypass loop to be added to that switch.  The loops run in series, right to left.
  • Tuner Mute - Keep your tuner out of the signal path by adding a Tuner Mute switch, when activated the signal is sent to the tuner whilst muting the looper’s output.  A tuner out socket will be added to the rear of the looper.
  • Master Bypass - Add a switch to bypass all of the loops leaving just your clean signal.  The Master Bypass switch does not affect the status of the loops switches, so any loops that are active before being bypassed will still be active when you switch the Master Bypass off.
  • Amp Switch - If any of your amp’s functions (channel select or FX loop for example) are triggered by a latching footswitch connected to the tip of a 1/4” jack connection then this switch will control it.  A socket will be added to the rear of the looper with a toggle switch to let you set the correct polarity for the status LED.
  • Tap Tempo - This will add a momentary footswitch that can be used as a tap tempo for delays that accept tap tempo footswitches.  A socket will be added to the rear of the looper so you can send the tap signal to the pedal.  Be sure to select the correct polarity for your delay pedal, we do soft touch normally open (most delays), soft touch normally closed (Boss delays) and soft touch Strymon tap tempo.  Please note that there will be no status LED for a tap tempo switch.

Output buffer (+£10)

Add a buffer right before after the looper’s output.

Output socket

We can fit the output socket on either the rear or the left side of the looper, so go for the option that would suit your pedal board layout best.

The pedal is built with:
•    Hammond diecast aluminium enclosure
•    Neutrik jack sockets
•    3PDT heavy duty foot switches
•    Point to point wiring
•    LEDs
•    2.1mm 9v DC Socket
•    Velcro to stick it to your pedalboard

Enclosure dimensions:


2 years, please see Terms & Conditions for further information.

Not applied outside the EU