Dual Reverse Looper

Each pedal is built to order, the current build time is 2-3 weeks.
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Need some patch cables for your looper? Click here!

Please note this is not a phrase or sample looper pedal where you can record your guitar and then play over the loops, more info here.

Here we have a dual true bypass looper pedal which gives you the opportunity to reverse the two loops.  If you have a distortion pedal going into a flange pedal you may also like the way they sound with the flange going into the distortion.  With this pedal you can have both options on the fly, without having to get on your knees to change cables mid song!

Both loops are individually activated by the front switches and you can reverse them using the rear switch.

The pedal is totally passive.  If you need to power the LEDs the pedal has a Boss style 2.1mm 9v (negative ground) DC socket.

By default, the pedal comes unpainted with a black label, you can have the pedal painted for an additional £5-£7 and also have a coloured label for an additional £2.

Examples of our enclosures and labels can been seen here.  Please note that if a enclosure colour is not listed then it is not available for this pedal.

The pedal is built with:

  • Hammond aluminium enclosure
  • Neutrik jack sockets
  • 3PDT & 4PDT heavy duty foot switches
  • Point to point wiring
  • LEDs
  • 2.1mm 9v DC Socket
  • Velcro to stick it to your pedalboard

Enclosure dimensions:



2 years, please see Terms & Conditions for further information.

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  • 5
    Simple, clean, effective, useful and reliable

    Posted by James Cowie on 14th Jan 2012

    I have the Bright Onion Dual Reverse Looper and it can improve your set-up in a number of ways. Firstly, I used it to audition which order my pedals sounded best in, which provided me with a ton of unique sounds that I didn’t think was possible from my gear. Nowerdays, I use mine to keep my non-true bypass pedals in a different loop to my true bypass ones. You can also use it to eliminate a chain of tone-sucking pedals or pedals with vintage hum from your signal, and obviously have them instantly back in when you want them. There’s numerous other jobs it can do at home, in the studio or on stage but I can’t type them all here. In general, I find Bright Onion Pedals provide everything I want. The casings are small and strong, there’s no buffers, no popping and no clicking on the switches, the jacks and wiring are solid and reliable. All in all, these pedals can only improve a set up, they take nothing away from me and provide me with a simple way to hear the parts of my equipment exactly how I want them, when I want them. And at these prices, there isn’t any reason to hesitate.