Mini Dual Momentary Footswitch

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Our Mini Dual Momentary Footswitch can be used for pedals requiring dual momentary switching such as the Boss RC loopers or MS-3 multi-FX.

A normally closed polarity footswitch is used with Boss and Roland gear, most other pedals take a normally open polarity footswitch. If you select the polarity switch option (+£5) we will fit a small toggle switch to the pedal that enables you to switch the polarity of the footswitches.

The pedal is totally passive, so no power required.

By default, the pedal comes unpainted with a black label, you can have the pedal painted for an additional £5-£7 and also have a coloured label for an additional £2.

Examples of our enclosures and labels can been seen here.  Please note that if a enclosure colour is not listed then it is not available for this pedal.

If you need a cable for the footswitch then please add one to be included.

The pedal is built with:
•    Hammond aluminium enclosure
•    Neutrik jack socket
•    Heavy duty footswitches
•    Point to point wiring
•    Velcro to stick it to your pedalboard

Enclosure dimensions:

2 years, please see Terms & Conditions for further information.

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  • 5
    Works Great with Boss RC10R R

    Posted by Chris Audsley on 13th Feb 2022

    Works great with the Boss RC10R. Great service as usual and a well made product!

  • 5
    Perfect for RC-3!

    Posted by Omiros on 31st Oct 2020

    Great job once more! I ordered this in red color with white logo to match my Boss RC3 and it works and looks perfect! Thank you so much!

  • 5
    highly recomended!

    Posted by mark inwood on 4th Aug 2015

    Bought this to use with a boss Rc3. Great product . Excellent build quality and top notch customer service and shipping. Do yourself a favour and get one!

  • 5
    Just good!!!

    Posted by Sebastian on 13th Dec 2014

    Great pedal! Extreme solid, great options when using it with the Boss RC-3 Loop Station. Very fast delivery to Germany. Top product and not the last I'll by.

  • 5
    buy it

    Posted by Mart on 8th Jun 2014

    Great tool for gigging, I use it with my boss me70, no more getting down on the stage floor to switch patch banks, that used to be such a drag man :( . Fast build, robust quality case and fast delivery, outstanding service, and great design (no batteries needed for this pedal so cheaper and better option than the equivalent Boss dual switch, in my opinion),groovie baby yeh, nice to be able to support a British manufacturer too, I suggest you buy it :).

  • 5
    Great Pedal! Works with Lexicon Unit!

    Posted by Chris on 27th May 2013

    The pedal is the best alternative for the FS-6. I use it for my Lexicon MPX110 for on/off-switching and tap tempo. The contact with James was really helpful! Buy Bright Onion Pedals!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Ulrich Zmaila on 16th Mar 2013

    FS-6 alternative. Ordered it for controlling tap tempo and mode switching for my Voodoo Lab Wahzoo wah pedal. Works perfect and looks mich smarter than the Boss unit. Thanks James for answering all my questions during the ordering process.

  • 5

    Posted by Hugh Atkinson on 7th Feb 2013

    I won't say this pedal does a SIMPLE job well, because I've next to no knowledge of electronics, so who am I to say what is simple or easy? But the job it does, it does flawlessly. Added to that it's tiny - it could scarcely be smaller and still accommodate the two footswitches (and no doubt the circuit inside) without them being so close together as to make pressing the correct switch in the heat of the moment potentially a bit of a challenge. So kudos for it being tiny, and even more for the fact the switches are quiet, which means that even if you are using your RC looper to put together a very quiet loop, the clicking of the footswitches won't intrude into that quietness. James was really helpful when I ordered, and I love the unpretentiousness and clarity of the BOP site. There's no hype even though these pedals have the potential to help you pull off some dramatic changes when playing live. If one of his pedals does a job you need doing I reckon you can't go wrong. They are super functional.

  • 5

    Posted by Tom on 26th Jun 2012

    This is my 2nd pedal from BOP, the 1st being a new foot switch for my amp, Ive been using the RC-3 for a while now, but while a very versatile pedal in such a small casing, the one button to work everything made limitations, especially if you want to cut a looped phrase mid tune. for that you would have to buy the boss foot switch or the RC-30. this pedal does everything the boss foot switch does and is 1.4 the size, better made and a fraction of the price. Thanks very much james!!!